Mommy Muscle Relief Gift Set | Pain Pain Go Away Kit


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Gift Set Includes:

(1) Ice Ice Baby Muscle Relief Massage Bar with refillable tin. NOW BIGGER! (75g)

(1) “The Quack” Essential oil Roller Bottle Tension Relief

A brief description of the items:

(1)Ice Ice Baby Muscle Relief Massage Bar with refillable tin.

Rub this bad boy on those places that make you go ouch. Azuki beans massage your muscles and help dig deep to the root of your pain and leave a cooling sensation that will relieve and abolish it.
This special blend of essential oils is formatted to replace your medicine cabinet’s muscle rub and work just as well! Use it after your workout or after a long day of just being alive.

(1) “The Quack” Essential oil Roller Bottle. Headache and Migraine Relief.

Our blend is a natural way to ease pain*. No Chemicals. No side effects.
Got headaches? Migraines? Sinus problems? This relieving and cooling blend can help you from losing your mind; as an added bonus that same cooling sensation is great for joint discomfort! Great for sinus health, aromatherapy has been used for decades for healing. Use this as a preventative, health booster, or simply as perfume.

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