EXPECTANT MOM MINI SURVIVAL KIT | Congratulations Gift Basket

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♦ Qty. 1 – ANTI-NAUSEA TEA – Specially formulated tea blend that nourishes the Mamma growing another human and helps lessen morning sickness, gas/bloating, heartburn, etc. — Extremely useful in ALL trimesters!
Loose Leaf – Makes 5-6 cups. (Organic Spearmint, Ginger, Nettle & Chamomile)

♦ Qty 1. – MAGNESIUM LOTION – This little bottle helps with so many things, mainly noting; morning sickness, muscle cramps, restless leg, hip pain, heartburn and sleep! It’s a must have for anyone, but especially pregnant women in all trimesters! 3.25 oz. (Directions and information included)

♦ Classic Door Hanger

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